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Get 337 Area Code Louisiana

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In the North American Numbering Plan, telephone area code 337 covers southwestern Louisiana. It was created in 1999. Until 1999/2000, this area was the southern half of area code 318, which had covered most of Louisiana west of the Mississippi River since 1957.

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337 Area Code

Area code 337 serves southwestern Louisiana and includes cities such as Lafayette, Lake Charles, and New Iberia. It is the only area code that covers this region. Other cities covered by the 337 area code include Abbeville, Crowley, Eunice, Jennings, Opelousas, Rayne, Sulphur, and Ville Platte.

Area Code 337 History

The 337 area code was established on October 11, 1999, and was created from the area code 318. Before 1999/2000, the southern half of Louisiana, which had been covered by area code 318 since 1957, was included in the 337 area code. This means that the 337 area code was created to provide more phone numbers to this region due to the increasing demand for telephone lines.

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Advantages of 337 Area Code

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